The Young Man and the Sea

Chapter 5 of Nomad Life

What I’ve published

The Young Man and the Sea” is the latest Nomad Life chapter. It covers the month we spent living on the Oregon coast and explores the bond I made with the sea as a landlocked man from Colorado.

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What I’ve been writing

This week I’ve been digging in to write the Nomad Life chapter about our time in Florida and The South. We spent over a month in this part of the US and after this story is finished, I’ll officially be caught up to our current travels!

Where I’ve found inspiration

Shelby, Skutull, and I have been watching a food travel show on Netflix called Somebody Feed Phil. It’s created by and stars Phil Rosenthal, who’s most famous for creating the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond.

Phil is a quirky, energetic person and I enjoy watching him travel because he focuses on how food helps people connect rather than always spotlighting the food itself (which usually looks delicious). He’s also honest. He’ll go to an expensive, highly-rated restaurant and tell the chef a dish isn’t for him.

What I’ve been up to

We’ve been spending every moment of our free time exploring NYC, and still it feels like we’ve only covered one corner of one closet in a sprawling castle. We’re living in Manhattan, which feels like an endless cityscape when you’re walking around it. To my surprise, Manhattan is the smallest of the NYC boroughs. That blows my mind and I’m still having a difficult time comprehending the size of the city.

Enjoy the journey,