The First Step Is to Start

Chapter 1 of Nomad Life

I have a few short stories that are almost ready to be published, but before I dive too deep into fiction writing, I want to catch up on travel writing.

On March 2nd, my wife, dog, and I closed on our house in Boulder, CO and started an adventure of indefinite travel. In addition to my newsletter/website acting as a destination for me to publish fiction, I also want to keep a travel diary so everyone can keep up with our adventure. I’m calling my series of travel stories, Nomad Life, and my vision is to both narrate our experiences and share inspiration I found as a writer.

Our plan is to live at each destination for 1-2 months, and at the end of each stay I’ll publish a story about that leg of our journey. We’re traveling around the US right now, but will hopefully be hopping across the pond to Europe in September. I clearly have some catching up to do as we’ve now been on the road for ~3 months, so here’s the first chapter of Nomad Life.

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