Dolores, Dolores

Chapter 2 of "Nomad Life"

I’ve just published the second chapter of Nomad Life, which is a collection of stories that narrate our journey of indefinitely travel.

My vision for each chapter is to write the main section as an overview of that leg of the trip through the lens of a writer looking for inspiration. I’m also experimenting with a few new sections:

  • Travel Stats: where I’ll put the dates we were in each location (differs from when I finish writing the article and post it), how many miles we traveled, etc.

  • According to Skutull: where I’ll document my interpretation of Skutull’s experience in each location. He’s a very expressive and opinionated dog :).

  • Our Trip: where I’ll publish a group of photos with captions that illustrate how we spent our time in each location.

The second chapter of Nomad Life is titled, Dolores, Dolores and covers the first leg of our journey, which we spent in Dolores, Colorado.

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Stay tuned…

I’ll be publishing my first fictional short story next week. The title of the story is Weathered Pearls. I wrote the first draft of it several years ago, but came back to it earlier this year and revamped it with the help of my editor.

I started my writing adventure in December 2020 with a vision of publishing fiction. I’m excited my vision will finally come to life next week!