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Subscribers will receive updates whenever I publish a new story. The stories I write fall into two categories—fiction and nonfiction.

The fiction category is straightforward. I publish chapters of my digital books one chapter at a time. Some digital books are collections of short stories that can be read in any order, while others are chapters in a story that are intended to be read chronologically.

The nonfiction category is a space where I publish stories from my point-of-view that influence my writing. Most notably, my wife, dog, and I are currently traveling the world indefinitely and I publish summaries of each place we live through the lens of a writer searching for inspiration.

About me

My name is Zack Thoutt. I'm a writer, engineer, and nomad from Boulder, Colorado.

I like to say that my career is software. I'm good at it and love the freedom of being able to build anything on a computer. I specialize in data science and web development and work at an amazing company called AutoSalesVelocity.

My "focused hobby" is writing. It's what I've loved and aspired to do since I was a kid. Software is a skill that enables me to add utility and productivity to society, but writing is my calling.

When I'm not at my computer writing code or stories, you might find me tromping through a blizzard in some far-off mountain range with my wife and dog, hacking my way around the local golf links, or sampling cuisine in a cobblestone town square on a warm summer night.

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Tales of Twilight (fiction | collection of short stories)

Mortality is easy to neglect. Nature programs us to cope with the inevitability of our own death by burying it deep within the layers of our consciousness. Occasionally, a hand of the shadow breaks through, squeezing and twisting our minds, forcing us to take notice. We act. Then we forget, as the hand is pushed back down and buried under fresh soil.

Many people have searched for the meaning of life, but clarity only comes in those final moments, when we walk the dark path that we all must walk.

Nomad Life (nonfiction)

Sometimes the answer hides in plain sight, closer than you think to look. Other times, you have to venture far from home to find it.

Follow me, my wife (Shelby), and my dog (Skutull) as we travel indefinitely around the world. I document our travels through the lens of a writer searching for insights into our shared pursuit to find meaning in life.

Lost in a Sea of Words (nonfiction)

Writing is difficult. There's grammar, prose, dialog, and all the other literary elements you have to wrangle, but that's not the hardest part.

People read stories they relate to. If you want to write those stories, you have to be vulnerable, honest, and self-reflective to a degree that's both challenging to achieve, and uncomfortable to attempt.

This collection of stories is my journal as I venture down the path of an author.

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